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Introduction to Biomass | Efficiency of Biomass | Advantages and Disadvantages | Prediction of Biomass' Use in Ontario

Biomass (Incineration)

Advantages and Disadvantages


1) Biomass used as a fuel reduces need for fossil fuels for the production of heat, steam, and electricity for residential, industrial and agricultural use.
2)Biomass is always available and can be produced as a renewable resource.
3)Biomass fuel from agriculture wastes maybe a secondary product that adds value to agricultural crop.
4)Growing Biomass crops produce oxygen and use up carbon dioxide.
5)The use of waste materials reduce landfill disposal and makes more space for everything else.
6)Carbon Dioxide which is released when Biomass fuel is burned, is taken in by plants.
7)Less money spent on foreign oil.
1)Agricultural wastes will not be available if the basic crop is no longer grown.
2)Additional work is needed in areas such as harvesting methods.
3)Land used for energy crops maybe in demand for other purposes, such as faming, conservation, housing, resort or agricultural use.
4)Some Biomass conversion projects are from animal wastes and are relatively small and therefore are limited.
5)Research is needed to reduce the costs of production of Biomass based fuels.
6)Is in some cases is a major cause of pollution.


Most Practical Sites for Installation
Biomass is not only needed in certain areas, it is something that could be used anywhere in the entire world.
Places which could use biomass are the ones like Toronto. Toronto is shipping its waste which could be used for biomass energy to Michigan every day where it fills up landfills. This biomass could be used to contribute to Ontario's energy.
Another place where biomass is effective is in British Columbia or other logging/forestry industries. All of the leftover, unused, and not needed wood waste can be burned and not take up any space at all and reduce the risk of a major forest fire.
The Prairies is another place where biomass is a benefit. All of the leftover hay or unused crops which would be no good just sitting there can be burned and created into energy.
The maritimes is a good spot to use biomass because of all of the leftovers from fishing. Not all of the fish itself is used and sold. There is a lot of leftovers from the unwanted parts of the fish.
This is all of Canada being covered by using biomass. So you can really tell that just about any place could benifit from it. 

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Biomass Research Project