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Introduction to Biomass | Efficiency of Biomass | Advantages and Disadvantages | Prediction of Biomass' Use in Ontario

Biomass (Incineration)

Efficiency of Biomass



Efficiency of Biomass

Biomass is the fourth largest energy resource, after coal, oil, and natural gas.

Canada has been one of the world leaders in the development of biomass with about 6% of its energy requirements for biomass compared to 3% for both the European countries and the United States. If Canadians used biomass wastes instead of discarding them, the wastes could generate significant energy which reduces greenhouse gases. The effectiveness of biomass mostly depends  on the supply of organic materials. The ideal sites for biomass burners are near lumber and large commercial farming operations, each of which create large amounts of organic waste.


By: Aiden, Brett, Taylor and Heather

Biomass Research Project